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More is being done with concrete than ever before. It is the ultimate wear surface, outperforming all flooring for durability. Now with polishing, staining and other colorization and textures, concrete is the surface of choice for more commercial and residential environments.

Why choose Trevino Flooring for your epoxy application?

EXPERIENCE. We have an extensive background in resinous coatings including epoxy going back several decades. From commercial restaurant kitchens, medical facilities, food production, warehousing, automotive dealerships and much more. You not only have to know the product but understand the surface it is being applied to.

DUSTLESS. Our first class preparation of your floor includes a complete “DUSTLESS” diamond grind or shot blast to remove all adhesive, mastic, sealer and other contaminants from the surface. We get into the concrete surface to properly mechanically abrade or profile the concrete insuring the best possible bond between your new epoxy finish and the existing concrete. Many contractors will want to use an “acid etch” to prepare your floor. It just doesn’t work.

TERMINATION POINTS. We will also saw cut termination points if needed to provide a clean, hard edge to your epoxy application between doors and other areas reducing any possibility for chipping and delamination.

JOINT FILL. If requested we can professionally fill all control joints, repair cracking and pitting
so you have a SUPERIOR floor surface. Most contractors won’t offer this service, extra charges apply.

CRACKS AND DAMAGED CONCRETE. We will repair, fill and diamond grind cracks, pitting and other damage as required prior to your epoxy application.

COVE BASE. For many commercial food service, medical and other applications we can install seamless epoxy cove base along the perimeter of your floor for ease of cleaning and to meet local health and building codes

COMMERCIAL PRODUCT. We use only commercial grade 2 part 100% solids pigmented and clear epoxy coatings from vendors such as POLYGEM, NATIONAL POLYMERS, THERMALCHEM, CROWN POLYMERS and others. Our resin based systems are second to none. Many other applicators use a water based epoxy that does not provide the same bonding characteristics and durability of our product.

USDA / NFS CERTIFICATIONS. Mostly all of our epoxy products are certified by both the USDA or NFS for use in food service applications

TORGINOL FLAKE. We use only TORGINOL commercial vinyl flake for your floor. TORGINOL flake provides you with not only the highest quality but dozens of standard and hundreds of custom flake / color combinations.

WARRANTY. For many customers and specific applications we offer an above the industry standard warranty for your floor. We also offer many warranty enhancements to protect your investment. Ask your representative for details

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