Wall-to-Wall Hard Flooring: The Perfect Solution for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you’ve probably come to dread the days when tenants move out. That’s when you have to go into the house or apartment to clean it out and refurbish any damaged areas, and as you’ve likely found out, some tenants can leave quite a mess behind. One of the worst parts of the job is cleaning the carpeting. Carpet is hard to clean since it has to be shampooed before it’ll look new again, and in many cases, old carpets have to be completely scrapped and the floor redone before the unit is ready to rent again.


Hardwood flooring in rental properties is much easier to clean than carpet.

The solution to this problem is to outfit your rental units with wall-to-wall hard floors. Using hard flooring throughout a home has many benefits and no real downsides. Moisture-proof tile is:

  • Easy to clean – Just sweep and mop, and it’s ready for the next renter
  • Able to resist ground-in dirt for years
  • Burn resistant
  • Stain proof
  • Odor proof

Gaining the best results does require a bit of planning in advance. What is needed is flooring that looks appropriate for the rent level but is completely impervious to wet mopping, spilled drinks, tracked-in sand, and other challenges. Ceramic tile is usually the best bet. It comes in enough different grades, finishes, and choices that you can find the perfect match for every type of housing unit.

Vinyl tile is another good choice, but note that it is possible for it to be scratched or gouged by heavy furniture and appliances. For inexpensive housing, linoleum is the standard. It can also be scratched or gouged, but it will put up with plenty of hard use as long as you choose a decent grade.

Once you see how much easier it is to maintain a unit that doesn’t have carpeting, you’ll never want soft flooring again. Tenants can always use rugs to add softness to areas where they want to have it, but in many cases, they will quickly come to appreciate the ease in keeping their areas clean as much as you do. Hard flooring requires no heavy equipment like vacuums or shampooers to maintain, and for busy tenants who have to fit housecleaning in around their working hours, that is a definite benefit.

Call Trevino Flooring to discuss all your options for your rental properties.  We have years of experience in helping landlords choose the best flooring for their properties.

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