Uplifting Shutters: The Latest Trend in Window Coverings

The key to ideal room design is the package. That is, you want to have a full arrangement that suits your needs and complements your style. And, people who want only the best for their flooring find that they have similar tastes for window treatments. Shutters are a popular option for property owners seeking a classic style. But, there is a new trend in this type of window treatment, which seeks to minimize the few disadvantages of traditional shutters. Uplifting shutters are easy to operate and function surprisingly like mini-blinds, without sacrificing any of the beauty.

Why Shutters?

When you look at homes and businesses that present the exact style you want, it is no surprise that many of these properties feature plantation shutters. Shutters are old technology, with a tilt rod that allows you to operate the louvers open or closed by hand. But, old-fashioned is also classic, and shutters are both elegant and sturdy. They are built to last, making the difference between a cheap expenditure for the short-term and a professional investment that will last decades.

Uplifting Shutters

With typical shutters, you lose some functionality that you would have with mini-blinds. Never to be outdone, the latest trend in window treatments brings you uplifting shutters, the best of both worlds. With uplifting shutters, the tilt rods are built into the frame. That means you can open and close the louvers by handling the louvers themselves. The biggest complaint about traditional shutters is that even when open, they block out as much as 40 percent of the sun’s natural light. Uplifting shutters solve this problem, by allowing you to operate a lever at the bottom to push up the open louvers in an instant.

The Perfect Complement

People choose shutters for the same reasons they may opt to install tile or hardwood flooring in their homes. They want resilient construction that is functional and relatively easy to maintain. With a whole-room design featuring excellent flooring choices and uplifting shutters, you get the professional look that makes you the envy of your neighbors.

Classic tastes never go out of style. And, new innovations on old designs improve your satisfaction with your purchase. By adding uplifting shutters to your room, you get that sense of sophistication, with a few nifty tricks along with it. As part of a total room overhaul, uplifting shutters accompany beautiful flooring for a design that is hard to beat. For advice about the latest trends in modern flooring, contact us at Trevino Flooring.



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