Tips to Liven Up Commercial Carpeting Design

How many times have you seen the same old, same old beige carpet at an office or other commercial establishment?

boring beige

Take your space from boring beige to tastefully designed.

While you may not want to choose something wild or completely “out there” for your commercial carpeting, open your mind to options beyond basic beige. Work with a designer to help you decide which type of flooring choice reflects your business space, or trust yourself to pick something, besides beige, that appeals to you and stays true to your business image.

  • Also, consider warming up your space and adding design by using lots of area rugs.

Consider one of these commercial carpeting trends and find a floor covering that is as attractive as it is functional.
Carpet Squares. Carpet squares allow you to develop space within your office. Use different carpet for each individual space within your office area. An added bonus to choosing carpet squares is that if the carpet is damaged or soiled, the individual square can be replaced.


Add interest to children’s spaces with fun carpet designs.

Carpet squares can be an especially fun option for children’s spaces such as for day cares, pediatrician offices, or other public or private play areas.
• Go Beyond Brown. Have you considered a deep purple, sea green or something in the burnt orange family? These colors are all very hot right now and can give you color without going overboard.

cheery yellow

Choose a cheery yellow or burnt orange color for a tasteful office.

• Texture . While you may be limited to the colors you can choose, why not spice things up a bit with some texture? Textured carpets are much different than they were years ago, these are easier to clean and very attractive.
Carpet/wood/tile combinations. Rather than installing carpet everywhere, consider blending carpet or tile with hardwoods. Using a hardwood surface in the heavily traffic areas makes sense because it is easier to clean, while you can soften up sitting areas with carpet.
We’d love to see how your commercial space has chosen to get creative with your flooring options. Send us pictures or share them with us on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages.

Whether you know exactly what carpet you want and you are ready to have it installed right away, or you want to talk to someone about the options, Trevino Flooring is here to help. Chicago business owners trust Trevino Flooring with all their carpet and flooring needs. Give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!

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