Thinking of Selling your Home? Better Check your Floors

Upgrading the flooring surfaces throughout the home is one of the best ways to increase the value and selling price of your home.


A stunning entryway can add instant value to your home.


Take an honest look at your floors.  If you’ve lived in your home for even as little as two years, it might be time for some repairs heavy duty cleaning or even replacement.


Pet Stain Removal

You may not notice your pet’s scratches on the floor, but potential buyers will.

Check all of your stone and tile surfaces to make sure there is no damage.  A little repair, buffing, and shining can go a long way.

  • We have developed effective maintenance, cleaning, polishing, restoration and sealing procedures to care for a variety of hard surface flooring.

Make sure your tile is updated and gleaming before you put your home on the market.

Flooring styles are important in overall design trends. Flooring often makes the first impression on a potential buyer, especially if your home will be shown after you’ve moved out. An outdated tile or unfashionable color can create an initial negative impact. Flooring that doesn’t match a room’s function also makes a negative impression. For instance, carpeting in the bedroom may be a cozy feature, but carpeting in the kitchen or bathroom is not.

Wall to Wall Sisal Installation

If you don’t have carpeting in the bedrooms, add a cozy rug.

  • Check out our selection of rugs.

Flooring is an investment into your property.   It’s important that you make wise choices when considering redoing your floors.An honest discussion with your real estate agent will help you decide which flooring options are likely to bring you the best return on the investment.

In and around Chicago, homes with hardwood flooring in heavy traffic areas are considered a must for most buyers.  You may want to think twice about going with carpeting for the living room.

In some cases, it can be the best choice to just leave the floors as is and allow your agent to offer a pricing allowance to the buyer so they can select flooring they prefer. Every real estate market is different, so do your homework before you open your wallet at the flooring store.

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