Hardwood Floors Entice Buyers and Increase your Home’s Value

Well, it may not be a secret, but many home owners don’t realize just how turned off potential home buyers can be by homes that don’t have hardwood floors.


A beautiful hardwood floor and stairwell add value to any home.

Hardwood floors do more than add beauty to your home. Home buyers show strong preferences for their timeless, authentic vibe and realtors know that a home with well -maintained hardwood floors sells faster and for a higher price than homes with laminate flooring or carpet.

The most desirable areas for hardwood are the main living spaces of the home; living room, dining room and family rooms. Many buyers are also looking for hardwood flooring in the master bedroom, especially if they suffer from allergies or asthma.

If you are considering replacing your existing floors and you anticipate selling your home in the next few years it makes sense to consider investing in hardwood flooring. Sure, the investment will be higher if you go with hardwood over carpet, but the return on that investment could be significant.

Width choices

The hardwood flooring market is filled with exciting options for every budget and taste. Popular choices include wider planks that evoke a feeling of history because planks from the last century were usually 5-8 inches wide.

Contemporary hardwood planks will usually be 2 to 3 inches wide.

The change is due to the decreasing availability of larger, old growth trees. Some manufactures have found ways to strike a balance with 4 to 5 inch planks of some species of lumber.

Distressed finish

The popularity of reclaimed wood for flooring has created a demand for distressed wood. The various scrapes and nail holes of old barn wood, for instance, adds the patina of age and suggests an era when boards were hand hewn. Home fashion designers often suggest going with a distressed look for families who want a more relaxed or rugged appearance. If this style suites the design of your home, you may want to consider distressed and wider planks for maximum impact.

Showy finishes

Exotic woods from around the world can turn an ordinary home into a breathtaking showplace. There is a phenomenal range of natural exotic hardwoods ranging from very light with minimal visible grain all the way to dark, enticing Tigerwood. In addition to natural exotic hardwoods, there is an amazing array of engineered exotic hardwoods that come in colors and patterns to match any taste.

Engineered flooring

Engineered flooring has changed over the years and now is a more viable option than ever before. In some instances, an engineered floor may be the best choice depending on budget and installation considerations. Some flooring buyers may even prefer an engineered floor, especially if they are really in love with the look of an exotic wood but are equally concerned about the impact of their choice on the environment. A growing number of flooring buyers are placing high importance on choosing flooring that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

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