New Trends in Commercial Flooring

Commercial building is finally waking up from its long sleep that started in 2009. Since flooring is an important part of making a great first impression, it is important that business owners and designers of business space (retail, showrooms, and offices) be fully aware of the emerging trends in commercial flooring.


Perhaps the most important trend is that carpet is slowly being replaced by hard surface flooring as the flooring of choice for business spaces.

Carpeting is falling out of favor for commercial space.  The primary reason in its simplest form is carpet has a life expectancy of from seven to ten years, hard surface flooring lasts four decades or more. It is not only the economics of carpet vs. hard surface flooring that make hard floors more attractive. Hard floors are easier to keep up, too. Equally important, when you compare the sustainability of carpet to that of hard flooring, hard flooring is a greener material is a number of comparisons. This is important to a firm’s public image.

Emerging Trends in Commercial Hard Surface Flooring

If you had to sum up the future of commercial hard surface flooring in one word that word is eclectic.

Flooring designers are using digital graphic applications on hard flooring. Rectangular tiles that measure more than those used in the past – tiles measuring 12” x 24” inches have gained in popularity. The large tiles are replacing square tiles that are 12’ x 12’ with a more plank like design.

Stripes are popular now as are custom digital graphics on porcelain, hardwood and other hard surfaces.

Expect to see abstract flooring designs. Rather than a porcelain tile that looks like travertine, tiles will show the tones and movement abstracted from travertine.

Porcelain is one of the winning surfaces in flooring’s future. It combines the look of natural materials, including wood, stone, and marble with economy, durability, and huge maintenance advantages. Digital graphics make creating designs from abstracts to faux wood to custom graphics easy.


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