All Natural Options for Floor Care

Caring for your floors can sometimes seem like a full time job, and can be quite expensive too.


Your cleaning supplies should be as earth friendly as your floors.

Not only that, but the chemicals that are sold for the purpose of cleaning floors can be harsh on your skin, dangerous for children and pets and very bad for the environment. Luckily, there are a few all-natural solutions for floor care that you can turn to for certain situations. While you may not always be able to avoid using store bought cleaners, even using these natural solutions part of the time can make a big difference!

Sharing your home with furry friends?  You'll have to sweep more often.

Pets are fun, but they can mean you’ll spend more time cleaning.

Before you buy another bottle of floor cleaner, consider the following alternatives:

  • The Basic Cleaner – In a bucket or in your sink, mix equal parts white vinegar with warm water. This is a great cleaner because there is no need to rinse. There may be a slight vinegar smell when you clean, but as the floor dries, it dissipates and leaves your floors looking and smelling great!
  • Wood Floor Polish – Adding shine to your wood floors is easy when you use this simple recipe. To one gallon of hot water, add ¾-cup of olive oil and ½-cup lemon juice. Not only will it clean the floor, it will add a beautiful shine too.
  • Disinfectant – Sometimes, like in the kitchen or bathroom, you need a product that disinfects as well as cleans. That is when you bring in the “big gun.” Add ¼ cup of Borax (a natural disinfectant) to hot water and you will have a disinfecting product that works as well as the harsh and expensive store bought products.

As always, before trying something new, check with the manufacturer’s recommendations or test in an inconspicuous spot before you use any solution on the entire floor. After you have experimented a bit, you may find that you’ve found a great way to save money and the earth at the same time you return your floors to a like new shine!

When it’s time for a professional cleaning, call us.  We can freshen up your carpets, re-finish your wood floors, and clean your furniture and window coverings.

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