Ideal Flooring Choices for Every Room in your Home

We know a thing or two about the best flooring choices for your spaces.  Contact us for more information on any of these types of flooring, and let us know how we can help  create ideal spaces for you.


What type of statement do you want to make to people entering your home? The entryway is the perfect opportunity to express your style, because any type of flooring will work in this space.



Most people wipe their feet on a mat before they enter your home, so you don’t have to worry too much about dirt or moisture. Wood flooring and ceramic tiles are popular choices for these spaces. Ceramic tiles come in such a variety of styles, designs, and colors, that you can create almost any look to greet your guests.

Formal Living Room

While formal living rooms may seem like part of a past era, many homes in the geographical area we serve around Chicago still have them. Hardwood floors are the most popular choice for this space, and they are a sophisticated, timeless choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank

Most of our clients warm the space up with a rug over the hardwood that matches the style of their home.

Media Room

Flooring in the room where you relax and watch TV should be warm and cozy, and it should also absorb sound. A great choice for this room is carpet or cork.  While hardwoods are beautiful, they may not be the best choice in the media room because they won’t be great for acoustics.


This room will be exposed to the elements, so choose flooring that can withstand moisture. Ceramic tile and blue stone are great choices for these spaces. Avoid using laminate or hardwoods, which are affected by moisture.


If the concrete slab in the basement has moisture issues, consider installing a moisture barrier to lay the flooring on.If moisture is not an issue, or if you have laid a moisture barrier, engineered wood floors, laminate flooring, or carpet are all very popular choices for the basement. If moisture is an issue, vinyl is a good choice, because it is unaffected by moisture.


Most people prefer to have carpeting in their bedrooms because it adds warmth to the space and helps absorb noise, creating a cozy environment.

Wall to Wall Sisal Installation

Carpeting in the bedrooms is usually easier to keep clean, because bedrooms have less foot traffic.


Cork is an excellent choice for the kitchen because of its many appealing properties.


For busy cooks, cork provides cushion-y support. It will not burn, and moisture will not affect it. You can achieve many different types of designs with cork, so you can be creative with how it looks.


Tile is your best bet in the bath, because it is unaffected by moisture. Steer clear of laminate and wood flooring, because they will be adversely affected by the inevitable water on the floor.

Mosaic Tile

Because bathrooms are smaller than other rooms, take the opportunity to create mosaics with tile to add style.


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