Creative Uses for Leftover Flooring

So, you decided to replace that floor in your foyer, kitchen or all over your entire house.

If you follow all the recommendations, you made sure to buy a little extra—just in case you made an error in cutting or installation. Once you finish the project, you found out, you have quite a bit of leftover hardwood, tile, laminate or even carpet—so what should you do? If you are crafty, you might consider one of these cool projects that use leftover flooring.

Collect your leftover tiles to make a colorful mosaic.

Collect your leftover tiles to make a colorful mosaic.

  • Tiles – Tiles are very easy to use in crafting. A simple tile can be transformed into a beautiful coaster or wall hanging with just a little paint. Even if you are not a skilled painter, you can use stencils to get the job done.  For some more in-depth ideas, visit this blog post.
  • Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring makes a killer picture frame. Just overlap a few pieces at the edge and attach with wood glue or staples to make a large, rustic frame. This is ideal for framing that big piece of wall art that would cost hundreds to have framed professional.  Visit Samples with Crafting with Laminate Floor for more ideas.
  • Carpet – Carpet scraps are great to use for pet food mats or small foot rugs. Use some tape along the edges to reinforce. You can either find a tape that blends with the colors or use one of the cool new duct tape designs that are so popular today for some pizazz.
  • Wood – Wood floor is way too “nice” to just toss out. Cut the pieces smaller and decoupage a photo or image for a cute wall hanging, or use as a frame as mentioned for the laminate. If you have a wood burning tool, a small piece of wood flooring can be used to make an adorable, rustic welcome sign too.  Visit this Pinterest board for more ideas.

Now that you have a few ideas for turning that old wood or other flooring into new décor, perhaps you will decide to get creative. There is no need to let that floor go to waste. The best thing about it is that anything you make will pair well with your floor!

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