Choosing and Caring for Cork Floors

Cork Flooring Choices

Today’s natural cork flooring offers a variety of patterns and colors to complement any design style.

Cork Trees

Cork tree in Spain, Algeciras, Nature Park Los Alcornocales

Natural cork flooring is available in tiles or planks. For DIY homeowners, installing a cork floor can be accomplished in a weekend. Planks are generally available as either laminated layers or solid planks. Most flooring dealers advise against choosing a laminate for use in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms or spa areas to prevent eventual warping.

Cork can also be purchased in rolls or sheets for seamless installation. If you choose this option, you’ll want a professional installation for perfect floors.


The cost of cork flooring is comparative to quality hardwood flooring. When comparing your options, choose the best quality materials you can. Lower cost cork is usually made of a poorer grade, low density material and won’t provide the long lasting good looks and performance you’ll expect from your cork floor.

With correct installation and quality materials, you can expect a lifetime of approximately 50-75 years from your cork floor.


Cork flooring provides warmth in living rooms.


Cork requires about the same maintenance as hardwood floors; sweep or vacuum weekly to remove dirt and crumbs which may cause excessive scratching if not removed. Damp mop it as needed but avoid excess water on the floor. Use nonabrasive cleaners for spot cleaning. Clean up spills quickly to avoid any discoloration or water damage.

Direct sunlight can also discolor cork flooring.

A cork floor can handle the wear and tear of daily life and minor dents will bounce back. However, heavy objects (furniture or appliances) will dent the floor so be sure to use protective coasters.

Cork must be sealed every few years to protect the porous outer layer. The seal prevents moisture and dirt from damaging the floor. Talk with your flooring dealer about any special needs of your specific cork floor.

As we’ve said before, cork is a great choice in the Chicago area for people who want to add warmth and muffle sound in their spaces.¬† Call Trevino Flooring for more information on this great flooring¬† choice.

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