3 Best Flooring Choices For Luxurious Hotels

Chicago has set the bar high for luxurious hotels, in which every detail has been carefully thought out and designed.  Flooring is one of the first things guests notice.

During their stay, flooring choices continue to make an impression on guests by adding to the ambiance and luxurious feel of each room. If you’re looking to upgrade the flooring in your hotel, you must think carefully about which materials to select.


Lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago

Here are three choices to consider for your hotel’s lobby, guest rooms and hallways.

1. Vintage Hardwood

Vintage, or reclaimed, hardwood is pulled out of different venues and refinished to create a unique surface appearance. The scuffs and scratches in the surface fill with stain during the restoration process to create a rustic feel that is full of character and charm. Each piece tells a unique tale about its past life and experiences. You can coat the hardwood in a few layers of sealant to create a smooth finish that rivals laminate materials.

2. Rose Granite

Rose granite flooring contains small flecks of black, white, gray and pink tones that give your hotel rooms a pop of color. Every piece of granite features a unique pattern and mix of colors that add to the illusion of movement in your overall design. You can handpick each piece of granite to mix and match the color scheme, grain size and pattern flow. Once installed, guests will love to marvel over the cool, shiny surface of the granite immediately upon stepping foot into your hotel.

3. Velvet Carpet

The smooth, ultra soft surface of velvet carpet is sure to impress your guests at first glance. The velvet carpet simply looks and feels incredibly plush and inviting. Everyone will love the way the carpet cushions each step, which may even reduce noise levels throughout your hotel. Velvet carpet materials come in nearly any shade imaginable to match your existing decor perfectly. Immediately after the install, spray your carpet with a protective stain-guard formula to keep it looking and feeling amazing throughout the years.

Fitting Your Hotel

A combination of flooring options usually works best in a hotel environment. Consider the types of flooring your guests might expect in each room. For example, guests may love to see granite or hardwood in the lobby and carpet in the rooms. The different flooring options will complement and contrast each other beautifully when installed in the appropriate locations. Experiment with the colorful undertones and textures to see which ones accentuate each other beautifully.

Trevino Flooring can help you with all of your hotel flooring needs.  Contact us today to learn more.


Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/housberg/

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