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Exotic Hardwood? Try These Budget-Friendly Options

Anyone who wants a nice hardwood floor already knows the benefits. Hardwood flooring is fairly easy to maintain and lasts a really long time. But, if you want a really unique look for your flooring, what do you do? These days, a lot of people turn to exotic hardwoods, such as Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood or Zebrawood. These hardwoods are harvested in other countries under occasionally questionable circumstances. But, they are […]

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Creative Uses for Leftover Flooring

So, you decided to replace that floor in your foyer, kitchen or all over your entire house. If you follow all the recommendations, you made sure to buy a little extra—just in case you made an error in cutting or installation. Once you finish the project, you found out, you have quite a bit of leftover hardwood, tile, laminate or even carpet—so what should you do? If you are crafty, […]

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Uplifting Shutters: The Latest Trend in Window Coverings

The key to ideal room design is the package. That is, you want to have a full arrangement that suits your needs and complements your style. And, people who want only the best for their flooring find that they have similar tastes for window treatments. Shutters are a popular option for property owners seeking a classic style. But, there is a new trend in this type of window treatment, which […]

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Handling Holiday Foot Traffic

  It’s a holly, jolly time of year, one marked with lots of family gatherings and seasonal décor. From holiday parties to wet weather conditions, there is one downside to the holiday festivities. Holiday foot traffic in your home can wreak havoc on your carpets and hardwoods. Avoid costly damages and unsightly stains on your flooring by noting these simple steps related to living decor, winter weather conditions, and holiday […]

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3 Best Flooring Choices For Luxurious Hotels

Chicago has set the bar high for luxurious hotels, in which every detail has been carefully thought out and designed.  Flooring is one of the first things guests notice. During their stay, flooring choices continue to make an impression on guests by adding to the ambiance and luxurious feel of each room. If you’re looking to upgrade the flooring in your hotel, you must think carefully about which materials to […]

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Contractors

Let’s face it, making changes to a house is expensive. Whenever you are looking to hire a housing contractor, you are prepared to spend a significant sum of money. Therefore, you want to keep your costs to a minimum, which means you need to look out for common scams. Here are four tips you can use to avoid some of the most common scams pulled by housing contractors. 1. Limit […]

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Choosing the Right Carpet for your Home

Choosing carpet for your home doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are several things you’ll want to consider when you’re making your choice so that you won’t second guess your choice a year from now!   Padding First, don’t ignore the padding. You won’t see it, but you’ll sure feel it. If you want your carpet to be soft and ultra-comfortable on your feet, get a good, thick padding […]

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A Rainy Day in Chicagoland- Are Your Floors Safe From Moisture?

Every homeowner has concerns about areas that are likely to get wet. Kitchens and bathrooms are the primary victims of wet floors as normal use sends splashes and drips on the floor regularly. Homes with kids have bathrooms that are the subject to bathtub play water accidents, or even water fights.  Wet floors and kids are a recipe for a slip and fall unless you choose the right flooring. Chicago […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Better Way

Most experts agree, cleaning your carpets professionally is the best way to go. While it may be tempting to rent one of those do-it-yourself steam cleaners and be a weekend warrior, we advice against it.  Here are a few reasons why: Top Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning Certification When you use a firm certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, (IICRC) the certification guarantees that you will […]

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New Trends in Commercial Flooring

Commercial building is finally waking up from its long sleep that started in 2009. Since flooring is an important part of making a great first impression, it is important that business owners and designers of business space (retail, showrooms, and offices) be fully aware of the emerging trends in commercial flooring. Perhaps the most important trend is that carpet is slowly being replaced by hard surface flooring as the flooring […]

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