Bamboo flooring is a contemporary, eco-friendly alternative to hardwood that will last for generations.  Twice as hard as red oak, bamboo flooring is naturally resistant to stains or damage caused by sharp objects, pet claws, or furniture.

Because bamboo is so durable, it is a smart choice for commercial and other high traffic areas.


Eco Friendly

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly choice. The bamboo plant-which is actually a grass- grows much faster than wood.  Bamboo plants reach maturity in 3-5 years, compared to 20-120 years for a hardwood forest.  Bamboo flooring is one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the market today.

When bamboo is harvested, the root system stays intact which allows for regeneration of the grass.  Bamboo grows naturally and does not require the use of irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo sequesters 70% more carbon per year than do hardwood forests.

There are nearly 1200 varieties of bamboo located in China, Africa, Asia, and now throughout the U.S.A.

Because of its sustainability, the United States Green Building Council LEED program allows points for use of bamboo in commercial spaces.


Types of Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is available in a variety of styles.   In its most natural form, bamboo is a blonde color.

Horizontal/vertical bamboo.  Similar in durability and hardness, these types of floors differ subtly in appearance.  They are both formed by cutting long, individual strands of bamboo and processing them together.  Vertical bamboo floors have slim, straight lines across the material, while horizontal bamboo floors show more of the natural grain of the grass.

Strand Woven bamboo.  The dramatic difference in this type of bamboo flooring is the increased hardness and durability.  Instead of cutting the bamboo into strips it is shredded and pressed together using tens of thousands of pounds of pressure.  This produces one of the hardest possible hardwood flooring available on the market, and it is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.  Tiger strand woven flooring has an exotic look, and it is available in a variety of different stains.

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